Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On My Impending Election as President (U.S., 2016)

Look, I've got some views. Some people may agree with them, some may not. That, I suppose, is the nature of free will in the modern era.

At any rate, I will be putting my hat in the ring as a presidential candidate for the first election after I have reached the minimum age requirement. So...you should vote for me. I have some very interesting requests for cabinet position appointments, and I am considering each of them carefully. More importantly, however, I have two candidates for the position of public relations and marketing director for my campaign. On that subject, I can say only this...One of these people will get my campaign, and the other will be responsible for the presidency. I will not tell you which yet. I will tell you the two slogans they have proposed, though:

"Unleith the Fury!"


"Leith it to Me!"

If you can guess which will get me elected, and which I will use as an officiate, kudos to you. You should pat yourself on the back, get a warm cookie, and drink some milk. If you can't figure it out--vote for me anyway. I promise you things will be the most fun ever if I am elected. I will get vending machines for the cafeteria, and longer lunch brea...wait, that's the wrong campaign. I'm still new at this.

In only moderately un-related news, you might be able to tell that I have started posting here again after a nearly two-year hiatus. This is because I was--let's face it--lazy. Partially too lazy to type up new entries (partially too busy as well), but mostly since this thingy was taken over by Google I was concerned that I would have to sign up for a gmail account just to access my blog, and I definitely already have too many e-mail accounts, so I did not want to do that. However, with further investigation, I found that I just needed to verify my old information so that the G men would let me back on to this site to babble, complain, gripe, type, and hopefully otherwise entertain people. So, here I am, tell your friends. If you like reading it, I'll type more. If you do not, don't read it (But tell other people you read it and loved it, so they can decide for themselves. They may no longer trust your taste, but theirs will be an informed hatred.)

Okay, I think that's all for now, and it feels good. Sorry, if you liked these entries and had been cut off I hope it wasn't too big a deal. I can't imagine that it was. Also, I'm going to try to make this site more entertaining and colorful, if I can ever figure out how to include stuff, or what to include. But I'm working on it.

-A.R. Leith

"I know what I wanna say, but I can't get it out..."- The Lawrence Arms


The Lambs said...

Well, as you are the original source of inspiration for my blogging, I feel it's only appropriate that I should attempt to return the favor. Try pyzam...they have fun layouts for colorfullness and such.

You should also check out both my blogs...the one I'm posting this with, and my business blog: http://www.lambphoto.wordpress.com.

Happy to see that you're steadfast in your stick-to-it-ivness (sp?) when it comes to blogging. About time.

As for running for president, I'm not sure, politically speaking, that I could vote for you, but I suppose that's a matter for another day. I do wish you all the luck, nonetheless.

Go Cubbies...

Anonymous said...

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