Monday, December 20, 2004

spring break 2005; pants party woooo!!!

My friend mike just asked the definition of perverbial...which I assume is something referred to by perverts. Anb that's fine, because without those people the van-with-tinted-windows-and-a-bed in-the-back market would competely go into the toilet, and THAT would not be good for the economy. These people are similar to college kids in that they spend money when they ought not simply because they cannot help themselves. The economy in our modern day is largely based on the people that just cannot help but spend their money, even though it might not be the best decision that they could make. Which is good.

Okay, this IS the first blog (or whatever the kids are going to call this by the time tomorrow comes--speaking of which, there is a poigniant song lyric that has been haunting me lately that goes, "When tomorrow comes where will yesterday be?" I say haunts me, because it is a very good question; what is the point in bothering today becaue tomorrow our efforts might be moot...that is if tomorrow ever gets here. But I digress.) Aaaanyway, I'm writing this on a laptop, and I hate laptops, not because of the potential impotency, because that might be a welcome change from the junior high-esque state of my current crotchal affairs of getting a boner every two hours like clockwork, but because they are just uncomfortable for me to type on, so I promise to write more here when I have a proper keyboard in front of me, so please come back and we'll have good times together.

A. R. Leith

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Larakin said...

Awesome, Cant wait for more!! Oh, yea, go check out mine too!