Wednesday, April 06, 2005

That Thing I Forgot...Before

Yeah, I was busy telling all ya'll about what I think about the ladies and it totally made me forget the reason I signed on to dis here ting earlier today:

I was filling my auto with gasoline this afternoon and there was one of those new Chevy Aveo's sitting there in the parking area of my local filling station. I know, not to exciting on it's own, right? But this motherfucker was sitting on DuBs. Like someone spent more money on their wheels than the whole car is worth. It was funny. I got so excited I almost needed a hanky.

-A.R. Leith

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jenny said...

weird, I know a guy who has spent thousands of dollars on how his car looks on the outside (fast, high performance rice burner) including 17 inch wheels, not to mention the interior work mostly talking lighting (those cool neon strips) and the sound system (Its bumpin) and yet has done nothing to his engine... A stock v6, he hasnt even fiddled with air intake or anything... while it mostly befuddles me it makes me laugh, really hard......