Friday, February 04, 2005

Not so sure...

I think maybe I should not be doing this blog thing. I was just cruising around some other blogs and started to worry. I don't mean to bag on anyone, but!? There is a lot of artsy stuff, which is fine, this is an outlet, I understand that. But I think maybe there are people interested in driving the diary manufacturing industry out of business. What I saw was way too much way too personal information (including what appeared to be naked pictures of a girl who was WAAAAYYYY too underage to have pictures being taken of her while unclothed.) I used to say "pish posh" when people would say that the internet provides too much freedom to just about anyone. I don't have so much trouble understanding that statement anymore. This might be it for me kids.

A.R. Leith

p.s.- I'm not saying you shouldn't tell us about what you think, and what goes on in your life, but try to have a point and relate it to others and their lives...that way we can all enjoy it. Laters.

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Larakin said...

Oh come on, you have know all your life that the internet is full of stupid crap like that, but it is the good stuff like what you write that makes it a great place!! Continue!

if anything it gives me a good 10 min distraction from work every once and awhile.